Do coupon mailers work

Coupon mailers are, as always, a mixed bag of results. Some hate them, others love them: some swear by their efficiency while others ridicule the notion and find it a form of spam, and a thoroughly outdated one at that. As a budding business owner, where should you stand on the use of coupon mailers?

Understanding what makes coupon mailers effective

In order to achieve the desired effect with your coupon mailers, you need to be able to offer something up. No, the blessing of your services isn’t enough – your customers need to feel as if they’re getting something that they wouldn’t be privy to otherwise.

The trick is to achieve the aforementioned without coming off as needy for customers. No matter where you’re standing, you want your would-be clients to feel as if you can barely make room in your schedule for them – everyone associates an abundance of customers with tremendous craft, and the same is true in the opposite scenario.

Say you’re an up-and-coming tree service company, or one with an established user base but nevertheless looking to expand. To get results from your coupon mailer campaign, you’ll need to target a specific area during a specific time and use a specific amount of coupons. Sounds complicated? Wait until we get into the specifics.

The area you’re targeting should have an abundance of overgrown trees or tree-related issues – bottom line, the environment should be ripe for the picking with your shears. Likewise, be sure to send the coupons out during prime trimming time – people who don’t use their coupons soon after receiving them will usually throw them away and hardly remember what the deal was all about.

Speaking of the deal, don’t go overboard with what you’re offering, but make sure that it’s still a good incentive. For example, 30% off during a certain period and on a certain group of services is a decent bargain – 70% off everything during the entire autumn and winter definitely makes you look like you’re struggling.

Of course, there’s still the amount of coupons to figure out.

Making use of exclusivity

No matter your strategy, you’ll want your coupons to seem fairly exclusive – after all, everyone wants to have something that others don’t. Ideally, your coupons would be mailed randomly so that those who didn’t get one end up wishing they did and possibly ask around for it, thereby creating buzz and interest in your brand.

Unfortunately, skipping people in a targeted area just to appear exclusive hardly brings about the best results. Instead, try sending your coupons out in envelopes – should they end up sticking out of people’s mailboxes, it won’t look as if everyone in the neighborhood got spammed.

If you’re going for a wider area, you might need to employ a coupon company to do the mailing for you. While not the most expensive service, you’ll likely end up paying a hefty sum if you don’t want your coupons sharing page space with others – therefore, it pays to test out a smaller area with ‘manual’ coupons first before starting the next great coupon mailer campaign.